The Unavailable Companion

Dating is difficult when the other person is not fully committed to forming a relationship. Sometimes people will say they want to take it slow. When a dating relationship takes on the appearance of a crawl, it is difficult to find ways to spend time with that person. They may have work duties or a personal project that takes precedence. When they are not available, a fuck buddy is the answer to avoid spending time alone.

Life has its share of ups and downs, and sharing with someone matters. These are the times when a person needs to be with their partner. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. The partner may be out of town on business or spending time with a sick friend or family member. Being alone is not good, so it is time to realize fuck buddies can fill part of this need. While the buddy may not really care about life events, at least they are physically present.

There are many reasons to have a specified person for casual sex. Whether a relationship is going well or not, it is always best to be prepared for the relationship to fail. If a partner is constantly absent or unavailable, having a backup makes it easier to take. It empowers a person to know they can leave a relationship without giving up physical intimacy.

When a partner does not want to commit, it is understandable that there will not be any physical intimacy between two people. Many times a person does not want to be intimate until they are completely sure their partner truly understands commitment. Having a backup plan makes it easier to wait and respect the feelings of a partner. It also lends clarity to whether or not a relationship will ever work with a chosen partner who is often absent.